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Diane Gracely has over 22 years of experience as an Online Entrepreneur and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

We love our customers and welcome you to use our Contact Us page. Send Diane an email or call her with questions or about custom made designs.

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Diane Gracely is the founder of Diane’s Tees. Diane has always loved tie dye and bright colors. When she was young she was always drawing hippie art. After all, her bedroom walls were covered with hippie drawings. Thinking back to all of this, Diane decided to give it a shot designing art for t-shirts. 

Diane Gracely
Diane Gracely

Specializing in hippie art and funny memes. She loves to make people smile and laugh. Many designs include funny words, jokes, or quotes.

Diane was born with a hereditary neuromuscular disease. Charcot Marie Tooth. By the age of 33, (1997) she could not walk without excruciating pain in her feet. The CMT had progressed and gradually deformed her feet really bad. To the point, she had to use a wheelchair most of the time.

She began searching for help. That’s when she found Dr. Paul Juliano. An orthopedic surgeon who was well educated about Charcot Marie Tooth disease.

Dr Juliano told Diane he could reconstruct both of her feet. He explained how and what he would do.

In conclusion, this is when Diane’s online entrepreneur experience began. She had to resign from her office job and apply for Social Security Disability. Dr Juliano told Diane it would take approximately 3 years to perform the surgeries and recover. Plus, Diane would have to learn to walk again with her new feet.

Before her first surgery in 1997, Diane bought a computer. She was determined to learn about the internet and create her first home business. Diane had a 4 year old son and knew she could not survive on a monthly, SSD check.

Diane recently created a YouTube channel and a Blog to share her inspiring life story. Both called “Hippies Life – A CMT Story”. Click here to watch videos, and here for her blog.