Diane Gracely is the founder of Diane’s Tees located in Silver Springs, Florida. Contact Diane by emailing or calling her.

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Phone – (352) 239-3669

Diane Gracely
Diane Gracely

About Diane Gracely

Diane was born with Charcot Marie Tooth disease. She became permanently disabled in 1997 due to the rare disease severely deforming her feet. She needed a way to supplement her SSD income. So she started her own business online.

Diane has been creating, growing, and selling online home businesses for a profit for 24 years. Diane’s most successful business sold for a $50,000 profit. She’s won awards, and her business success stories have been published in magazines and local newspapers.

Her MOTTO is “Never Give Up”. Follow her on Facebook here.

Diane’s Inspiring Story

Diane has a long personal life story that she loves to share to inspire others. Therefore, living with rare diseases is not easy. Although, coping with chronic pain is something many people live with. But, there are not many people who’ve accomplished what Diane has.

All while living life with a chronic disability. Want to find out more about her story? Feel free to contact her. She’d love to write another book, but time is not in her favor.