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Diane Gracely has over 24 years of experience as an Online Entrepreneur. Diane is a t-shirt artist who’s passionate about making people smile and laugh with funny quotes and colorful art. After becoming permanently disabled in 1997. She had to find something to do to supplement her social security disability. That’s when Diane’s brain went into survival mode. KEEP READING to learn more about Diane and her amazing accomplishments.

Diane Was Born With Charcot Marie Tooth Disease

Diane was born in 1964 with Charcot Marie Tooth disease. CMT is a hereditary and progressive neuromuscular disease with no cure. By the age of 33, (1997) CMT had progressed and severely deformed both of her feet. Therefore, it was very painful to walk, Diane started using a wheelchair.

Diane Gracely
Diane Gracely

She began searching for help. That’s when she found Dr. Paul Juliano. An orthopedic surgeon who was well educated about Charcot Marie Tooth disease.

Dr Juliano told Diane he could reconstruct both of her feet. He explained how and what he would do. Dr Juliano told Diane it would take approximately 3 years to perform the surgeries and recover. After all, they had to do one foot at a time, and two surgeries on each foot. Plus, Diane would have to learn to walk again with her new feet.

before and after total reconstruction surgeries

Diane Gracely
Diane’s Deformed Feet 1997
Diane's CMT Feet
Diane’s CMT Feet in 2020

How Did Diane Gracely Become An Entrepreneur

In conclusion, this is when Diane’s online entrepreneur experience began. In 1997 Diane had to resign from her office job and apply for Social Security Disability. Per the doctor’s advice. Diane was a single mom with a 4 year old son. How would she survive on a small monthly, SSD check?

Before her first surgery in November 1997, Diane bought a computer. She was determined to learn about the internet. Because Diane was laid up, she had nothing but time on her hands.  By February 1998, Diane had started her first home business. “Creative Bookmarks” was started on a shoestring budget.  

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Subscribe to Diane’s YouTube Channel. <<CLICK Link to go to Diane’s channel and subscribe. Diane is sharing her inspiring personal life story one video at a time. Learn how Diane created several niche businesses. She’ll share her story about all of her business successes. For example, how she sold one of her home businesses for a $50,000 profit. Watch this video.

In addition, Diane currently works part time as the artist at Diane’s Tees. An online print-on-demand store where customers can purchase Diane’s art on a variety of products. Diane loves to make people smile and laugh. For instance, customers go to Diane’s Tees website/store at TeePublic. Scroll through 100’s of fun designs made by Diane. Pick one you like, and choose the product you want it printed on.

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