Funny Tshirts With Colorful Art And Quotes

Funny tshirts with colorful art and funny quotes, designed by Diane Gracely. Owner of Diane’s Tees, and a store on TeePublic.

Now is the time to make people smile and laugh. The world is experiencing a major pandemic. People are being ordered to stay home. The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 continues to spread.

But, our government is working on a stimulus package to help Americans. Including stimulus checks to help people and boost the economy.

funny tshirts

Therefore, Diane is designing funny tshirts. For example, the above design is also available with a different smiley face. One that represents a sad face. Some Americans are angry. They think our government is not doing enough.

100’s of Funny Tshirts Designs

See 100’s of designs to pick from in Diane’s Shop Here. Have an idea for a shirt design, contact Diane. She’d be happy to create a unique design for you. Above all, it would be added to her online store for everyone to see and purchase.

Most of all, we are more than just tees. Over 75 products are available to have fun designs printed on. A large variety of shirts, accessories, and even home decor.

Fun Designs About the Virus

Find designs related to the coronavirus, COVID-19 and more. Diane’s passionate about making people smile and laugh. It shows in her art and designs.

Everyone needs a laugh. Millions of people are stuck at home. How can you make them laugh? Share the designs in Diane’s Tees store with your family and friends through social media. Such as, Facebook and Instagram, or maybe Twitter.

Times are tough right now. We all know how the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. Share the designs as funny memes or photos.

In conclusion, stimulus checks will be arriving soon. Everyone needs clothing, and most people use mugs. We have coffee mugs and travel mugs. Oh, and don’t forget… Stop using plastic bags for your grocery shopping. Switch to reusable grocery bags. You can help the economy during these hard times.